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Gloucester County Networkers is a group of local business people with the common goal of helping each other build their business. We meet twice a month for breakfast, during which members share referrals and learn about each others offerings.  The group provides a forum for members to increase their exposure to other people and businesses, leading to trustworthy referrals and industry power partners.

GCN exists for members to provide qualified referrals to each other.  A referral is considered “qualified” when the subject of the referral has indicated a need for a GCN member’s service, and the subject has given permission for the GCN member to contact  him/her.  In this way, we encourage only good leads to be passed from business to business.

GCN encourages one-on-one meetings between members.  This provides a good opportunity for members to learn more about each others professions or trades.  This will help in seeking out good referral opportunities.

GCN is an industry-exclusive group.  This means that there will be only one business from any one market type or profession represented; only one plumber, one accountant, etc.   Please do check out our membership listing to see if your profession is represented yet.

Today's Featured Member

Joseph Cone
Republic Bank
Republic Bank offers a full range of products and services including checking and savings accounts, loans and lines of credit, online and mobile banking and cash management solutions.

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